Roadside Tool Kit Model 1327

One essential, if basic, piece of equipment needed for all aspects of searching for contraband is a tool kit with all the recommended items needed to disassemble radios, upholstery and get access to the areas that need inspecting. This tool kit has been put together by acknowledged experts in the field of highway interdiction and has found favor with Police forces throughout the USA with road units, bomb squads and contains all the tools that may be required in daily operations.

The tools are of the highest quality and are inspected and tested by our experts who helped in compiling what is the standard kit of required tools.

The Roadside Tool Kit Is A 160 Piece Tool Kit Which Includes:

Ratcheting Multi Bit Driver (1 pc)
  • Magnetic Tip
  • Flexible Head
  • Durable & Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle
Standard Length Multi Bit Driver (1 pc)
  • Magnetic Tip
  • Durable & Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle
Stubby Multi Bit Driver (1 pc)
  • Magnetic Tip
  • 4” length
  • Durable & Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle
Multi Bit Driver Extension (1 pc)
  • Magnetic Tip
  • 2” Length
Assorted Bits (60 pcs)
  • Row #1 – Phillips Bits : 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3 (12 pcs)
  • Row #2 – Torque Bits : T10, T15, T15, T20, T20, T25, T25, T27, T27, T30, T30, T40 (12 pcs)
  • Row #3 – Alan Bits: 3/32, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 3/16, ¼, 2.5, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6 (12 pcs)
  • Row #4 – Slotted Bits: 1/8, 1/8, 5/32, 5/32, 3/16, 3/16, 3/16, ¼, ¼, ¼, 9/32, 9/32 (12 pcs)
  • Row #5 – Square Bits: S1, S1, S2, S2, S3, S3 Phillips Bits: PZ1, PZ2, PZ3, PH1, PH2, PH3 (12 pcs)
Nut Driver Bits (12 pcs)
  • Standard: ¼”, 9/32”, 5/16”, 5/16”, 11/32”, 3/8" (6 pcs)
  • Metric: 6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 10mm (6pcs)
3/8” Drive Ratchet (1 pc)
  • Quick Release
3/8” Deep Sockets (18 pcs)
  • Standard: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4", 13/16”, 7/8” (9 pcs)
  • Metric: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm (9 pcs)
3/8” Drive Torque Bits (5 pcs)
  • T45, T47, T50, T55, T60
3/8” Drive 3” Extension (1 pc)
3/8” To ¼” Drive Adapter (1 pc)
3/8” Drive Universal Joint (1 pc)
Bit Driver To 3/8” Drive Adapter (1 pc)
  • 2” Length
Mallet (1 pc)
  • One Side Hardened Rubber
  • One Side Hardened Polyurethane
Window Punch / Seatbelt Cutter (1 pc)
Standard Upholstery Tool (1 pc)
Plastic Upholstery Pry Tools (2 pcs)
  • One Straight End
  • One Angled End
Mini Upholstery Pry Tool (1 pc)
  • Hardened Steel
Hardened Steel Pry Bar (1 pc)
  • 12” Length
Flexible Shaft Multi Bit Driver (1 pc)
  • 11” Length
Magnifying Glass (1 pc)
Wooden Probes (10 pcs)
  • Located In The Personal Storage Area
Security Seals (5 pcs)
  • Located In The Personal Storage Area
LED Flex Light (3 pcs)
  • 21” length
  • 2 AA Batteries Included
  • 2 Extra LED Bulbs
Plastic Window Wedge (1 pc)
Scissors (1 pc)
  • First Aid Medical Shears
Magnet (1 pc)
Digital Air Pressure Gauge (1 pc)
  • Batteries Included
  • Automatic Backlighting
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • 5 – 150 PSI (Passenger & Commercial Vehicles)
  • Can Be Used To Detect Contraband In Tires
  • (Echo Test – See Tool Kit Instructions For More Information)
Stethoscope (1 pc)
  • Can Be Used To Detect Contraband In Tires & CMV
  • Fuel Tanks (Echo Test – See Tool Kit Instructions For More Information)
Tape Measure (1pc)
  • 12’ Length
Open End Adjustable Wrench (1 pc)
  • 8” Length
Adjustable Channel Locks (1 pc)
  • 10” Length
Digital Weight Scale (1 pc)
  • 2 AA Batteries Included
  • Weighs Up To 88 lbs
Radio Tools (18 pcs)
  1. JVC & Pioneer Stereos (2 pcs)
  2. Blaupunkt Stereos (2 pcs)
  3. Ford / VW / Audi (2 pcs)
  4. BMW (1 pc)
  5. Mercedes / Porsche / BMW / Becker Stereos (2 pcs)
  6. VW (2 pcs)
  7. Mercedes / Porsche / BMW / Becker Stereos (2 pcs)
  8. Mercedes / Porsche / BMW / VW / Audi / Becker Stereos (4 pcs)
  9. BMW (1 pc)
Mechanical Fingers With Magnetic Tip (1 pc)
  • 24” Length
Telescoping Inspection Mirror (1 pc)
  • 14” Length
Other Features
  • Durable Blow Mold Kit (21” X 20” X 4”)
  • Large Personal Storage Area For Additional Tools
  • (18” X 3.5” X 1.75”)
  • Roadside Tool Kit Instructions

Availability – Single units or pallet of 25 kits In the interests of product improvement contents of kits may change from time to time

Roadside Tool Kit Model 1327

Is a 7.5 microcurie radiation source safer than 10 microcuries as competitors claim?

This paper is intended to explain the difference in the Effective Dose to humans between 2 different activities (7.5 uCi and 10 uCi) of 133Ba isotope used in a hand held contraband detector relative to ordinary risk we face in everyday life.

A competitor of ours has offered a version of their unit which is 7.5 microcuries of radiation against our 10 microcuries, claiming that this is safer for the user, In fact, the increased dose to a user of a 10 uCi source over a 7.5 uCi source for a worst case scenario is essentially equal to what one gets in one second of airplane flight on a cross country trip from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, CA, a total flying time of up to five hours or 1 in 18,000

10 Microcurie Source

Now let’s compare both these radiation source activities and the actual working life of the source. The working life is based on the sources initial activity and the half-life of the isotope. For 133Ba, the half-life is 10.53 years. So for a 7.5 uCi source, the working life is about 35-40% less than the working life of a 10 uCi source. This translates that the dollar per dollar cost of the 7.5 uCi source is much higher than the cost of the 10 uCi source! And finally another consideration is the scanning time for the contraband detector. Excluding other factors involved, a 7.5 uCi source has 25% less photons/sec output than a 10 uCi source and this in turn increases the length of time it takes to complete a scan. This also may reduce the probability of positively identifying a concealed item (contraband)

In short, when comparing the 2 activities (7.5 uCi and 10 uCi) 133Ba sources in hand held contraband detection systems: For those interested in the science and math behind these conclusions we do have a detailed white paper available upon request.

Radiation Licensing


There are several important points that users and potential users of the New Technology SAS-Hitech-Xpose Contraband Detector should be aware of. In order to simplify ownership of this device, SAS-Hitech-Xpose has been developed and licensed under United States Law as an Exempt device. Other density meters of this type are licensed under a General license. There are highly important differences between the two types of licenses. Here are a couple of the major differences:


General licensed (competitors product) requirements (per their own manual):
  • Rope or cordoning off the area to keep people away
  • Contact public health (radiological authorities) and emergency services provider for assistance
  • Notify the manufacturer
Exempt license requirements (SAS-Hitech-Xpose)

Pick up unit and send it to Authorized Service Center or factory for repair (nothing more)


General license (competitors) requirements:

The device is assigned to a specific location and cannot be assigned to another location without written notification to the radiation regulatory entity (State or Federal as applicable). If the device is given or transferred to another location, even if it is with the same agency (i.e. if PD Precinct 5 gives it to PD Precinct 6), a transfer of location must be filed by the user (licensee) prior to transfer. Failure to do so is subject to fine and reprimand.

Disposal of General Licensed unit: The user MUST dispose of the device as Hazardous waste and transfer to a license disposal facility. This can be done, under US law by:
  • Exporting the device in accordance with NRC regulations found in 10CFR§110
  • Transfer to a Specific Licensee authorized to receive the device with supporting documentation.
  • Transfer to another General Licensee under strict regulations found in 10CFR§31.5(c)(9) or equivalent Agreement State regulations.
Exempt license requirement (SAS-Hitech-Xpose)
  • Remove label and throw away in regular garbage.
Or for transfer of ownership
  • No restriction. It can be given it to whomever, whenever, wherever required. No paperwork/transfer licenses/authorizations required.

Available Readyscope Lengths

Readyscope Configuration Kit
4 Way Knob Articulation
40" length (1.0m)
Readyscope Configuration Kit
4 Way Knob Articulation
60" length (1.0m)
Readyscope Configuration Kit
4 Way Knob Articulation
80" length (1.0m)
Readyscope Configuration Kit
4 Way Knob Articulation
120" length (3.0m)
Customization available please ask a SASRAD representative.